Thoughts and Resolutions


Its January 3rd, have you broken your resolutions yet?

Each year, I think through what resolutions I should make, lose weight, have a more consistent quiet time, be a better wife/friend/daughter/sister, send out a birthday card to each family member (on time!), etc., etc., etc.  And each year, these resolutions don’t make it much further than Jan 1st.  But this year two thought keep rattling around.

Live in Honesty.  I want my life to be characterized by honesty.  I want my yes to be yes (Matt 5:37), I want to be able to share with you how my life really is.  But I want to be wise about how I’m being honest.  Am I brash or loving?  Am I sharing my heart or pushing your buttons?

Sabbath. At NYWC this year, one of the breakout sessions I attended was on spiritual self-care.  I was challenged to look at how I am taking care of my own spirit in the midst of helping take care of others.  There is a deep need to schedule true sabbath into my life, and yet, I find myself thinking I need to DO something to make true sabbath possible.  Obiviously this one will be a process.

So at this time next year, I may still be the same weight, and its possible none of my family members will have recieved their birthday cards on time; but my pilgrimage will be taking me closer to the woman that God would have me be.


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