How would you describe God?


Bibliophile, Bookworm, Reader.  Each of these can be used to describe me.  When my husband and I moved across the country, the majority of our boxes were books.  From the time I graduated HS, I have been purchasing books with the dream of having a library in my home.  And I come from a family that has the same obsession.  My Granny would hand my father shopping bags full of paperback books that she had read almost every time that we visited.  On the top shelf of my bookcase are some very old (and precious) books that belonged to my Grandma.  I feel it safe to say that one of the strands on my DNA chain is in the shape of a book.  So dear reader, expect a post (or two or twenty) to be about my latest read and how it has affected me.

I recently finished Sacred Encounters by Tamara Park.  Tamara and two friends decide to take a pilgrimage from Rome to Jerusalem.  Along the way, Tamara asks the people she meets “How would you describe God?”, and the answers given were beautiful, challenging and inspiring to me.  Following are the two answers that have been gnawing at me.

“Your descripton of God is a treasure in your heart.  You’re almost afraid to speak about it because you’re afraid it will be taken from you.  Yet you want to share it because it is so beautiful.”  Sister Theodora (Meteora, Greece)

“For our life depends upon our description of God.  And the description of God depends on our understanding of God.” Aristarchos – Greek archbishop of Jerusalem.

Is my description of God a treasure?  Does my life depend on it?  Honestly, yes and no. Yes, he is my Savior, provider, guide and friend.  But does my day-to-day life reflect this description of Him?  Do I live this out for others to see?  I can only pray that my heartbeat grows into His heartbeat.

How would you describe God?


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