Surprise Sabbath


As I have been processing the idea of working Sabbath into my weekly schedule, Friday stands out as the perfect day to do so.  (I work Sun – Thurs, so Friday is a free day, usually reserved for housework and errands.)

Last Friday God showed up while I was cleaning the kitchen.

A few things led to this encounter.  About a year ago, we nixed the cable.  Its been good not being anchored to the TV, but I really do miss HGTV and Food Network.  Then about a week ago, my sweet little dog accidentally pulled the TV off of the kitchen counter and busted it.  So on this Friday morning, my kitchen was silent.

My head and my heart were not so silent.  I was indulging in some self talk that wasn’t so flattering to me or my subject.  Also rattling in my head was a healthy dose of hope and encouragement that had been lovingly given to me by a friend.  Conflicting?  Welcome to my brain.

As I was trying to sort it all out, God gently spoke to me.


“Give it to Me, I will carry your burden”

“Be at peace”

So I did all those things.  My heart was lighter, my countenance changed and I truly felt peace.  God showed up, met me in my weakness and gave me rest.  Maybe Sabbath isn’t me carving out a specific time or routine, maybe its just  being silent and waiting on Him.


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