Monthly Archives: July 2011

I’m really 39.


39.  It’s so weird to be turning 39.

I’ve been contemplating the things I could do to celebrate the last year of being in my 30’s.  Or things that I could do to prepare for my 40’s.  And remembering that my 20’s really weren’t so long ago.

So after all that jumble of numbers, I’ve decided that 39 isn’t going to be so bad.  I want to count my blessings daily.  I want to live in the present of today.  I want to take time to remember all that this year will hold so that I can continue to build upon what I’ve been given.

In order to make the most of remembering and counting my blessings, I am going to start this little project:

One sentence a day for 5 years, finally a journal made for me!  I’ve wanted to be that girl that keeps journals, pages and pages of all that is going on; pages and pages of my thoughts and dreams; pages and pages of prayers. Instead, I buy journals that are started and ignored, or purchased and forgotten.  One sentence a day?  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Blogging vs. Life


In the battle of Life vs. Blogging, life has been winning for the last few months. In the midst of life winning, I’d be wanting to write and I just haven’t.  So here’s a taste of the life that has been going on.

Went home to CA for a wonderful weekend of family, friends and food!

Went to Kentucky to visit a Shaker Village, and took a river boat ride.

Went to Beach Camp with an amazing group of students

And then there’s Dolly.

So here’s to learning how to find balance in life.  See ya’ll soon!