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Mini Donuts


I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’ve posted!  How does life get so busy?

When I told a good friend of mine that I had bought this mini donut pan, she informed me that I HAD to make them ASAP and blog about it.  So this post is for you dear friend!!  And remember, two views were promised for this post… 😉

As a little girl, donut’s were a treat that was usually stolen from my parent’s Sunday School treats.  Guilty pleasure for sure, but pleasure none the less.

In High School the corner donut shop would be an afterschool snack.  I was addicted to the tiger tails.  Think buttermilk twist with a cinnamon-ey crunch woven in.

And when my husband and I were dating, many dreamy talks of the future happened while sharing an apple fritter.

So when the donut pan trend started, I was excited to find one and try them out.

I used the basic recipe included on the back of the packaging.

When filling the pan, I tried to use a ziplock baggie with a corner cut out.  This NEVER works for me, and yet I still haven’t taken the time to invest in some pastry bags and tips.  When will I ever learn?

I think maybe now I’ll learn, since my mini donuts had no holes…

mmmm glaze…

I love these little rainbow sprinkles, but I’ll be sweeping them up for the next month.

The basic recipe was OK, so I’m ready to find a GREAT one and get to baking!