Two Hours Early


Day 2 Challenge – Get up 2 hours early on day 3 and write.  Write for 2 solid hours?  This presented a few challenges for me.

1. When to actually get up and get going.  Right now, 2 hours early is a relative term.  Since I’m not working, timing of getting up/waking up/getting out of bed has fluctuated between 6:30 and 10.

2. Where to write.  My office?  The living room?  The kitchen table?

3. What to write about?  Stream of consciousness?  Start a project?  Blog post?  Will there be any words at all?

So yesterday I planned and worried.  I planned to get out of bed by 7am.  I planned to write in my office, which involved a serious amount of clean up.  (Seems my office had become the junk catch-all room for the last few months.)  I worried about how and what to write.  Pen to paper or finger to keyboard?  Worry is a demon that will try and choke the life out of all plans and dreams.

This morning I am happy to report that I met all of my challenges.  I was out of bed by 6:50, walked into my clean office, turned on the laptop and wrote for two hours.

On to Day 3.


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