Don’t Do Nothing


Day 4 – Practice in Public.

This day is really hard.  Today’s challenge lead to a 1400 word rant about failure and pain, I held nothing back, I named names and laid it all out.  Needless to say, it is NOT fit for public consumption.  The perfectionist in me wants to rise above and meet this head on, the fearful spirit in me wants to quit and run away.  A compromise had to be reached.

1. I am going to work and finish a short story that I started last fall.  I would love to say this will be finished and published today, or even this weekend, but for me, finishing is the goal.

2. I am including a short “Where I’m From” poem that I wrote in a class last year.  I loved the practice of writing something short and personal.  Hope you enjoy it.

Where I’m from

I am from the house at the end of the cul-de-sac,
The one with the two small willow trees out front.
Where we played four square and kick-the-can until dinner time was announced.

I am from Fourth of July block parties.
Where the dad’s turned to pyro’s and played like children in the fireworks glow.

I am from meatballs and chocolate covered cherries.
From Ilene and Josephine
Generous and Stubborn and Loving

I am from my father’s bass, singing the echo in each hymn
I am from my mother’s memory
Knowing each generation of cousin’s removed and recalling the scent of my grandfather’s coat.

I am from my grandfather’s red hair
That my sister received by birth, and I received by box

I am from the kids table at Thanksgiving
From Christmas’s that centered on the ‘reason for the season’
From Easter baskets that never quite amused me like it did my mom

I am from freckles and birthmarks
From reading and singing
And pictures that last longer in the printing than in my memory


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  1. I love the picture you’ve painted here. I hope you write that story. But more importantly, I hope you make less decisions out of fear. Fear shouldn’t have that control over you. Press on, and write on!

    • Thanks Racheal! I am committed to finishing the story and have spent a lot of time on it lately. The more I work, the more that fear is pushed to the back of my heart and mind. Thanks again for the encouragement!

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