Stealing 101


Day 6 – Great Artists/Writers Steal

I love quotes.  I have a file in my computer of favorite quotes.  I have a pile of post-it notes and scraps of paper with quotes and notes written on them floating around my desk.  One of my Pintrest boards is devoted to words and quotes.  It’s a wonderful thing to come across something that someone else has said and it perfectly summarizes your thoughts or feelings in that moment.

I love art and crafts.  There is nothing that I have done that I thought up on my own.  Dreamer (a project I did last fall) was a direct copy from another blogger.

I love to cook.  I’m pretty good at seasoning a dish or adding an extra dash of vanilla or cinnamon to a batch of cookies.  But give me a cookbook?  I’ll sit down and read it like a novel.  I’ll go back to those recipes time and time again, tested and true.

And my guilty pleasure? Eavesdropping.  I have been known to carry on a conversation while listening to the conversation at the next table.  It’s amazing what people are willing to share in public (because they think no one is listening).  Or to see the interaction of a family.  These are tidbits and stories to be used.

I confess, I steal all the time.  I look for quotes to share, new projects to try and recipes to complete.  Because this thievery is in my nature, I know that it has and will continue to bleed over into my writing.  I am inspired by others and the life that they share with the rest of the world.

With this thought, I share with you a list, published in Lists to Live By.

12 Steps to Creative Thinking – by James Lund

1. Right Away, Write It Down – Record ideas as soon as you think of them.  Keep paper and pen handy at all times – in your car, by your television, on your nightstand.

2. Listen to Music – Listen to whatever sparks your imagination, whether its Bach, the Beatles or something you’ve never heard before.

3. Exercise – Go for a run, shoot some hoops, do jumping jacks – anything that starts your blood pumping and keeps your mind sharp.

4. Brainstorm with a Friend, Co-Worker or Six Year-Old – Talk with someone who looks at the world a little differently that you do.  Chances are he or she will inspire a new approach.

5. Do It Poorly – If you’re a perfectionist, don’t be.  Create something that isn’t necessarily your best work, but that gets the job done.  Then go back later to fix it or redo it.

6. Watch People – Go downtown or to the mall, sit on a bench and observe the passerby.  Imagine what kind of life they lead.

7. Keep a Journal – Write about your life and what’s important to you, then revisit your old thoughts when you need new ideas.

8. Pray or Read the Bible – Putting life into spiritual perspective can take the pressure off and jump-start the creative juices.

9. Free-Write – Sit down at the computer or with pen and paper and write whatever comes into your mind.  You might be surprised at what comes out.

10. Change Your Locale – Find a new quiet place – a park, the beach, a library, or just a different room – let your mind wander.

11. Wash the Dishes or Mow the Lawn – It’s easy and it give you a feeling of accomplishment while you’re trying to think.

12. Sleep on It – If nothing is working, your best bet may be to give up for now.  Let your subconscious create overnight and you’ll have fresh ideas tomorrow.


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