Day 8 – Starting vs. Building

“Building” something creatively happens the same it does in the “real” world — with a lot of sweat and pain and grunting. It’s not easy; if it is, you’re doing it wrong. – Jeff Goins

Well, I must be doing something right!  Right now every strike of the keyboard seems to be with sweat, pain and grunting.  I am learning right now to quiet (lock in a closet) my inner editor, she has something to say about each word that is written as it is being put on the page.  She distracts me.  She frustrates me.  She discourages me to the point that I want to shut down the laptop and walk away.  My victory comes when I don’t allow her to run my time.

Our challenge today is to finish something, just pick a project and complete it.  I am going to take this head on.  There is a 500 word project that I want to submit for a competition.  I have two ideas written out already, and a couple more that I want to try.  My goal is to have this completed and sent out to a couple of readers today.

My motivation for today is this quote.

“Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.”  Truman Capote


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