Falling Behind


I’ve fallen a bit behind in the 15 Habits challenge and wanted to catch up.

Day 9 – Connecting

If you read, you reach out to other readers and exchange titles you have enjoyed.  If you craft, you find other crafters and spend full afternoons crafting.  There are hundreds of clubs and organizations to help pique and guide any interest you may have.  Yet, going to a writers group invoked fear and insecurity in me like nothing else.  The important thing is, I went.  I met some wonderful women, walked away encouraged and ready to tackle some of the projects that are floating around in my head.

Day 10 – Share Others’ Work:  This is an easy thing for me to do as I have a blog roll that grows every day.  Here are a few posts I think are great.

Jenny Dykstra – Let People ______ – I found her blog through an online magazine.  Her writing is honest and inspiring.

Picnics in the Park – When Men Craft: a Diorama Party – My friend Greta is a wonderful writer and does amazing things like throw her hubby a diorama birthday party!

how Sweet it is – Fat Fluffy Snickerdoodles – I love Jessica’s attitude and these are THE BEST snickerdoodles you will ever eat.

Day 11 – Declutter

Jeff wants me to declutter my writing and my workspace.  I have been cleaning my office and organizing/purging for the last couple weeks.  (I’m down to just a few more piles!)  When Jeff mentioned dcluttering my writing, it made me think of this piece by Donald Miller – Treat the word “That” like a cuss word.  (I have some work to do in this area.)

So here’s to:

– amazing bloggers and writers that inspire
– getting to the heart of a thought
– continuing to rise to a challenge


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