The Wolf Gift


When it comes to Anne Rice, I am a fan.  I haven’t read ALL of her novels, but I am a fan none the less.   In April, I had the pleasure of sitting in an author forum with her, at the LA Times Festival of Books.  She spoke mostly of her newest novel, The Wolf Gift.

I’m not usually one for a werewolf tale, but she sold me when she said “I was getting out of bed in the morning to see what would happen next.”  I bought the book about a month later, and dove in.

I’m going to assume most of you know of Anne’s struggle with the church.  She has declared herself a born again Christian, and then later declared that she has quit Christianity.  If you follow her tweets or FB postings, most of them are directed at how the church is failing in regards to social issues.  She is a woman of passion, and though I do not agree with all of her beliefs, I respect her as a person.

How does all of this relate to her latest novel?  There is an obvious theme of religion vs. morality.  Ruben (main character) struggles with how best to use his “gift” in society.  His brother, Jim (a catholic priest), struggles with the thought of this gift being given by God, but why would He (God) do such a thing?  In my opinion, the struggles presented in this book are a direct reflection of Anne’s struggles with society and the church.

Is this an entertaining read?  Absolutely.   The character development is top notch.  This is a book that will suck you in and keep you reading ‘just one more chapter’ till you’re done.

Am I waiting/hoping there will be a sequel?  Yes.

** Just a word of warning if you do decide to read it.  There are a few scenes that are not for the faint of heart, some violence, some sex…  It is Anne Rice writing about a werewolf after all.


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