Sex on a Bus


Did that grab your attention?  One can only hope.  This was a fun little story to write, enjoy.

Sex on a Bus

“I cannot have sex for the first time on a bus!  What are you thinking?  That we’ll hang a sign outside ‘If this bus is a rockin, don’t come a knockin’?  I can’t believe that you are doing this now!  Our wedding is in 3 months!”  Annie was screaming, tears streaming down her face.

“How am I going to explain this to my parents?  What about our plans?  What about my job?  You want me to pick up everything and leave? For six months?”  Annie’s voice was getting louder with each breath.

Kevin was shaken.  He knew that she might not react well, but she had been screaming and crying now for almost an hour.  “Annie, you have got to calm down.  I know this is a bit outside of what we’ve been talking about, but think of the adventure.  Think of the places we can see.  Think of the time we’ll have together. “

She cut him off. “A bit outside of what we’ve been talking about?  A BIT?!? This is more than just a bit outside of things Kevin.  Living on a bus for six months and driving around the country is nothing of what we’ve talked about.  Nothing of what I’ve dreamed about.  What about Thanksgiving?  What about Christmas?  What about my birthday?”

“I was planning for our trip to end right before Christmas, so that we can be at home and celebrate with our families.  We can make a Thanksgiving meal, go to a hotel, or plan to be in California during that time and have Thanksgiving with your sister.  And your birthday, pick anyplace in the country you want to see, we’ll be there.”  Kevin was trying to entice her into at least considering this trip.

“Annie, I want to have a grand adventure with you.  Six months of just us.  Six months of seeing all that this great country has to offer.  Six months of no expectations, no interruptions, no distractions.  And considering the rest of our lives, six months is a drop in the bucket.”  Kevin could see her softening.  “Our jobs, church, friends and family will all be here when we get back.  Our plans for the future aren’t going to disappear because we take off for a little while.  Life will go on here without us, and it will go on with us when we return.”

Three months flew by like three seconds.  Annie was suddenly walking down the aisle to meet her groom, and Kevin stood at the altar, ready to take his bride.  It was the most perfect day either of them had ever known.

That night, as they lay together in the dark, Annie whispered in his ear, “I can’t believe you talked me into having sex on a bus.”

Kevin laughed and replied, “The adventure has just begun my darling.”


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  1. LOVED it! Great intro and unexpected turn and I love the way you tied it all together in the end. Thanks for the laugh this morning!
    Love from,

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