Dear 2am


Dear 2am,

I really like how things used to be.  We’ve never been best friends, but I thought we were on good terms.  We’d meet up at the occasional party, study partners in college, and even shared a sly wink when staying up too late talking to a cute boy on the phone.

So what changed?  Why the demand to meet up every night?  Are you lonely?  Are you bored?  I know there are plenty of people staying up waiting to see you, so why do we need to meet?

Life is good for me right now.  I’m enjoying life in Tennessee, I’m writing more and the house is starting to come together.  I get to cook, play with the dog, and enjoy wonderful people in my life.  But here’s the thing, when you demand my time every night, it hinders all of those things.

Our nightly meetings lead to a foggy brain, frequent headaches and a desire to lay on the couch and watch trashy court shows all day long.  In this state of fogginess, I start to wonder how I can become a court show bailiff, gosh it seems like they have the best job…

Here’s the thing, I need to end our relationship.  I like 11pm better.  Maybe someday we can meet up again, but it will have to be on my terms.  I’m blocking your number and changing my address.  To quote Motley Crue – don’t go away mad, just go away.


I need some sleep.


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