Random Moments


You know those weekends when you sleep really late, don’t accomplish much and it’s just the best weekend ever?  I love those weekends, and thankfully, this last weekend was just that.  The husband and I played, ate and relaxed together, it was wonderful.  Oh, and in the midst of all this true weekend relaxing bliss, a couple of random things happened.

We stopped by Lowes on Saturday to pick up a few needed things for the house.  I stopped to look at the plants, needing something small for my office, and husband went looking for weather stripping.  After I had found my plant, I sat down at a patio set display, checking my phone to see what the rest of the world might be up to.  Then Barbara sat down next to me.   We giggled about lost husbands and how they’d find us eventually.  We talked about where we were from, she having grown up here in Nashville, and me in Southern CA.  She asked about what I do, and I confidently answered that I was a writer (Yeah Me!).  After her husband joined in, the conversation moved to church.  We talked about the need for authentic leadership.  We talked about the need for community.  We talked about how many in the church are just there out of habit.  This dear couple had worked for many years in the church and had walked in our shoes.  As the four of us (my husband had showed up half way through the church talk) parted ways, they reminded us that God will meet us in our need and that He had a plan.

God showed up at Lowes and gave us a reminder of His love.

Sunday morning came, and I had another random thing happen.  It made me laugh, and I’m still kicking myself for not saving the text messages to prove this really did happen.

8:30am text message from number I do not know – hey! good morn.

My inner dialog – Do I text back?  It could be someone I know that has a new number.   Or it could be someone weird.  What’s the worst that could happen?

8:34am my text back – hey.  Sorry, but who is this?

number I do not know – this is Chad, must’ve got the number wrong. lol

Me – Yup.  Have a good day.

Chad – And you are?

My inner dialog – Oh heavens.  This poor guy probably met some girl last night and he’s hoping that I can fill in.  I should have just ignored the text.  What do I say to stop this?

Me – An old married lady.

Chad – wow. OK

That was the last of Chad, and now my husband won’t stop calling me “old married lady”.

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend too.


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