Exploring the Blogosphere


Maybe the only real way to get rid of fear is to make friends with it.
Sarah Markley – Inviting fear in for a cup of coffee

But when I am mildly obsessed with myself, I have to practice walking like a believer.
Chatting at the Sky – 4 ways to take a walk like a believer

It can upend me through the subtlety of distraction.
Still Forming – Living a Rhythmed Life (Online): Choosing What We Ingest

A Bookworm Belle: Reading: A Photographic Adventure

And on and on and on and on we go. Our thing. Our thing. Our thing. We can’t stop talking about it.
Prodigal Magazine – Sammy Adebiyi – The Listen Project

Moses died today, but I receive this as passing mention, today as I bake a loaf of bread. The death of the shepherd is assigned reading. I breathe it in as ordinary, those thrity days of mourning pass in a moment.
A Deeper Story – Preston Yancey – Moses Died Today

Who doesn’t love an oreo? I’ve made these several times and they’re delish!
My baking addiction – Homemade Oreos

My favorite website for a giggle?  Hey Christian Girl


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