For the Love of a Magazine


My heart just skipped a happy beat realizing fall issues of the fashion magazines will be out at the end of the month.  I LOVE the September issues of Vogue, In Style, Vanity Fair and Elle.  Fall fashion at its best.

*Just a side note:  If you’re interested in the work it takes to publish the thickest volume of the year, check out “The September Issue”.  It’s streaming on Netflix, and is 89 minutes of education and entertainment. *

Outside of September, I have a few other favorites which are sent to my house each month.  I get so excited when they appear in the mailbox and set aside time to pour over every one.

Cooking Light – I have been a long subscriber to this magazine.  One of my favorite things is the inclusion of the nutritional information for each recipe.  Husband is diabetic, making it important for me to know the amount of carbs and protein going into what I am serving him.  Probably my second favorite thing is the ‘Recipe Makeover’, taking an old favorite and lightening it up.  This month’s issue is a ‘Lighter, Brighter Lemon Square’, one that I can’t wait to try!

Food Network Magazine – I haven’t yet purchased a subscription, but I buy it every month.  Step by step instructions; pull out booklets on salsas, milkshakes and pies; food related gear; and ideas for complete menus.  I made ‘Cocoa Rubbed Steak’ for husbands birthday this year, and it was the best steak EVER.  (The gravy was good, but really not needed.)

Real Simple – I remember the very first issue of Real Simple, I thought it was weird and kinda hokey.  Then a few years later, my mom had an issue at her house.  I looked through it again and fell in love.  I purchased a subscription and have kept it for years.  They road test everything from makeup to cleaning products; the monthly question posed to readers is always entertaining; books to read; recipes to try; health; fashion; money – this one has a little bit of it all.

In Style – My monthly fashion indulgence.  Who wouldn’t love a magazine that lists the number of incredible shoes on the cover every month?  (98 in the August issue)  I also love the advice on putting outfits together by age range or how to style a difficult piece.

More – A friend of mine was gracious enough to give this to me as a gift, and I love it!  Women 40 and over are rockin’ and changing the world.  Every month this is a big dose of inspiration.

My only problem is letting any of them go.  I really do try to tear out articles, recipes and inspiration, planning to then recycle the magazine, but somehow the stacks of magazines keeps growing.  Blame it on a love of paper and the written word.


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