I miss Sweden


I miss Sweden.

I was looking through some pictures this morning and realized four years have passed since we journeyed over to husbands homeland.  FOUR YEARS.  (In my mind, I keep thinking it was just a year or two ago.)  Husband is the first generation in his family to be born here in the States, his parents were born in Sweden and still have family and friends there.  He grew up traveling back and forth fairly regularly and the whole family spent a year there during his elementary school years.

I on the other hand, am a Danish, English, Native American, Scotch/Irish, California mutt.  I grew up with strong family traditions, but nothing that directly tied into our heritage.  The closest thing was our yearly trip to Solvang, CA.  (A small Danish town, about 3 hours north of LA, and one of my favorite places on the planet.)

This trip was a dream for me.

We stayed for 18 days.  We explored and played.  I was shown the places where family was started.  I was given the deep and moving history of the family’s relationship with God.  I learned to love times of ‘Fika’, (sharing coffee and cake or sandwiches) with friends and family, relaxing and talking.  We spent a day in Stockholm, and wished we could stay longer.  We spent a few days with one of husbands best friends and his family.  We stayed up till 2am, talking and watching the sun just journey around the mountain and then come out again.   It was an amazing trip, one I can’t wait to repeat.


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