Olympic Fever


(Olympic Rings – London 2012 – AP)

I do most of my writing during the day, upstairs in my office, no TV and no music.  But during my “lunch break” I turn on the TV to tune out and relax a bit.  During the last couple of weeks, I have been able to watch the ‘not popular’ sports of the Olympics broadcast during the middle of the day.  Greco-Roman wrestling?  watched it.  Water Polo?  watched it.  Kayak Racing, Equestrian and Rowing?  Watched them all.

Here’s the thing, before the Olympics started, I wasn’t planning on watching any events.

Then I started to listen to the stories behind some of these athletes.  Then the Fierce Five came on and won team Gold.  Then I wanted to see Oscar Pistorius make history.  Then I wanted to see Michael Phelps make history.  In short, I got a bad case of Olympic Fever.

(Anja Niderinhaus – Associated Press)

The worst part of it all (besides being over) was listening to the inane chatter of the commentators.  “Nobody remembers who came in fourth.”, was the comment that made me want to throw a shoe at my TV.  Nobody?  I bet if you came in fourth, you’d remember.  I bet if a friend or family member came in 4th, you’d remember.  These athletes train their whole lives, give up so much to represent their country, and all you can think to say is “Nobody remembers fourth”?  Can we have the Olympics with no commentators next time?

Then the last two days of the Olympics came, and with it Rhythmic Gymnastics.  I’m not sure how I’ve missed this event my whole life, but it was amazing.  Watching the Russian team was breathtaking.  Their routines were flawless and the sparkle came more from their confidence than the costumes.

(Mike Blake – Reuters)

I’m glad I made the time to watch so many of these events.  Now this little part of history is a true memory for me.  I saw the World Record set in the 100 meter relay by the US women’s team.  I saw Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor win their 3rd gold in Beach Volleyball.  I got to hear Sanya Richards-Ross joke that she was going to lay her gold medals over her husband’s Superbowl rings.  The stories of Kellie Wells and Caster Semenya inspire me to push on in spite of any hardships.  And Nick Delpopolo is a lesson to us all: never, ever eat ‘funny’ brownies before the Olympics.

Two years till Sochi!


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  1. I had to laugh at this, as I too found myself inexplicably attracted to the most obscure sports. Who knew that team synchronised swimming could be so addictive? High jump and pole vaulting, of course, but I’ve even been caught watching javelin and shotput. Maybe that’s why I have been less than productive this summer.

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