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So in the last couple of weeks the blogosphere has blown up about many things.  Jared Wilson and his commentary on 50 Shades of Gray, the great Chick-fil-A debate, aka – Chickengate and Gabby Wilson’s hair, just to name a few.

All the opinions and comments surrounding these issues made me think of this sketch from SNL.

(Not that I’m saying any of you deserve a punch in the gut for your opinions.)

But as I was talking over these things with a friend of mine, she made this statement. “We need to stop writing and start living.”

Stop Writing.  Stop writing blog posts that are meant to anger and inflame.  Stop writing FB posts to see how many of your friends agree with your political or religious beliefs.  Stop commenting on blogs attacking the author or the position.  Stop needing to be right, all. the. time.

Start Living.  Live in such a way that your light leaves trails wherever you go.  Live in such a way that every person you meet is touched by the respect and love that you show.  Live in such a way that the joy of a good discussion is welcomed.

Now obviously, I’m not going to stop writing and sharing my heart in this little corner of the world.  But I want my writing to match up with the truth of my heart.  I want to make sure my words are loving.  I want to be strong and share the hard things I’m working through, but not in a way to start a fight with those who may disagree.

So here’s to:

  • A resurgence of civility
  • Thinking before we speak
  • Peppering our conversations with grace
  • Giving the other guy ‘the benefit of the doubt’

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