Walking on Water


I was first introduced to Mrs. L’Engle through A Wrinkle in Time.   A missing father, elements of magic and the mystery of a tesseract and the fifth dimension, pulled me in and has brought me back to read it over and over.

I read Walking on Water as part of my desire to learn how to become a better writer and artist.  Mrs. L’Engle writes with the belief that faith and art are tied together.

As I listen to the silence, I learn that my feelings about art and my feelings about the Creator of the Universe are inseparable.  To try to talk about art and about Christianity is for me one and the same thing, and it means attempting to share the meaning of my life, what gives it, for me, its tragedy and its glory – Madeline L’Engle

The thing which has stuck to my heart the most is this thought.

To write a story is an act of Naming. – M.L’Engle

To name something is to give it an identity.

To name a child is to give it a history, a legacy, and a future.

To name a pet is to give it a personality and a piece of your heart.

We get married and a wife takes her husband’s name, individuals become a family.

When writing, naming a character is important.  Does a bully need a name that fits his personality?   Like George or Biff?  Or does our bully need a name he is running away from?  An Ira or Francis perhaps?

When writing, our stories give name to our need.  I write about falling in love to remember the story my husband and I are living.  I write about pain to process the hard things in my life.  I write about joy to hold onto the overflow of happiness in my heart.  I write about family to keep the ‘ties that bind’ strong across the miles.  I write about friendship to give appreciation to those who have and do bless my life.  I write about confusion to give rise to clarity.

To name is to love.  To be Named is to be loved.  So in a very true sense the great works which help us to be more named also love us and help us to love. – M.L’Engle


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