If you really knew me…


“If you really knew me” posts have been popping up around the blogosphere lately, and I thought it’d be a fun way to end the week.

If you really knew me:

you’d know I’m TERRIFIED of needles, but really want to get a tattoo

you’d know how much I love words and books, but I super suck at any word games or puzzles

you’d know I have a deep love for Middle School/High School/College students.  I have worked with these age groups for the last 15ish years and consider them my kids.

you’d know I met husband on Match.com and I knew from our first phone call that he was the one

you’d know how my mom sets me up for a joke, which I fall for every time, leaving us both in hysterics

you’d know my dad and I have matching birthmarks on our left arms, and my mom and I have matching freckles on our left legs

you’d know I. am. the. worst. to watch a scary movie with, I’ll scream even if you tell me what’s coming

you’d know I love to cook, but often rely on Trader Joe’s frozen meals for dinner

you’d know I love to go out for breakfast

you’d know my favorite TV shows are I Love Lucy & Friends

you’d know there are books in almost every room of our home – I agree with Cicero “A room without books is like a body without a soul

you’d know I check 100+ blogs a couple times a week (fashion, cooking, writing, faith, decorating, photography, etc)

you’d know I’d rather figure stuff out for myself, asking for help is one of the hardest things for me to do

you’d know husband and I own a ton of movies, with a growing list of those we’d like to own

you’d know I hate to sweat or get dirty

you’d know I’d like to become a better photographer

you’d know how much I love my silly dog

you’d know how much husbands cats hate me

you’d know I can read a 500+ page book in one day (if given the time)

you’d know how I answer the “glass half full or empty” question – it depends on how much you put in the cup

you’d know I’m happiest in quiet moments spent with those I love


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