And so it begins…


Husband and I went to church on Sunday.

Two months ago, I wrote about how we were waiting to get through some of our own junk before we tried again with church.  This last Sunday, we decided to stop waiting and put some feet to our faith.

Before we could go, we had some things to discuss.  Discussions of my fears, most of which boiled down to me putting too much pressure on a single Sunday.  Discussions of not allowing a critical spirit to come with us to service.  Discussions of being in the moment, allowing God to speak and giving back to Him in worship.

I’ve never had to think through so much just to go to church.

It was a good Sunday.  It was a little weird to get up and go after not having gone for six months.  It was good to go and have the support of a few friends.  It was good to be with a body of believers.  It was good to hear a strong word from a strong pastor.

The process has begun.

And as is with so much in my life, I’m wishing I knew the end from the beginning.

For now, I’m going to hold onto what Pastor Pete said, “Don’t miss out on what Jesus has for you because of what the church has done to you.


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