How to write a blog post, in 36 easy steps.


1. Have a grand idea, or steal a grand idea from another blogger.

2. Check email, FB, Twitter while processing grand idea.

3. Open a word document, title with grand idea.

4. Write two sentences.

5. Get stuck after two sentences, check email, FB and Twitter for inspiration.

6. Go back to word document, write two full paragraphs.

7. Decide grand idea is not so grand.  Take a lunch break.

8. Play with the dog.

9. Turn computer back on, check email, FB, Twitter; something may have happened while you were away.

10. Go back to word document, decide grand idea is mediocre, write two more paragraphs.

11. Gotta pee, take a bathroom break.

12. Back at computer, wonder if anything new has happened on FB or Twitter?

13. Go back to word document, finish mediocre idea.

14. Email finished mediocre idea to husband, with subject line of – what do you think?

15. Might as well check email, since its open.

16. Open blog and create a new post.

18. Refresh email checking for husband’s response.  Nothing from him, but Sephora is having a sale.

19. Lose an hour surfing Sephora’s website.

20.  Refresh email checking for husband’s response. He think’s it’s great!

21. Copy and paste great idea into new post.

22. Lose an hour trying to find the perfect image to convey the heart of your great idea.

23. Find and download an imperfect image.  Wonder why photographers don’t consult you for ideas.

24. Schedule great post to publish the next day.

25. Preview post at least 17 times, change one or two words each time

26. Turn off computer and have an enjoyable evening.

27. Wake up at 2am, realizing you spelled tchotchke wrong.

28. Half an hour later, decide to take care of spelling error before great post is published.

29. 9am, tchotcke is spelled wrong, along with three other words.

30. Correct spelling errors.  Preview post 17 more times.

31. Close post five minutes before scheduled posting.

32. Open post and preview 2 more times.

33. Close one minute before scheduled posting.

34. Great post is now live and available for all your friends and family to read!

35. Wait for witty comments and the like button to be clicked.

36. Think up a grand idea for tomorrow’s post.


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