Freaks & Geeks


Do you remember High School?  The ‘hormone driven, nothing to wear, my parents don’t understand me, drama filled, my friends are the only ones who love me, who the heck am I’ years?

The years when we learned to drive, thinking it would grant instant freedom.

The years when a boyfriend/girlfriend instantly made you happier, or lack of made you miserable.

The years when suddenly you’ve been labeled and you’re either fighting to keep it or fighting against it.

The years when nothing really makes sense, but you’re expected to pick a path for the rest of your life.

Good Times….

Husband and I have been burning through the one and only season of Freaks & Geeks.  And it has brought back a flood of memories for me, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sam’s Blue Parisian Night Suit – Sam wants to get some new clothes to impress the girl he likes at school.  The salesman talks him into a “Parisian Night Suit”, so he can be a “Super Stud”. 

The outfit I wore on the first day of 9th grade was my own version of a Parisian Night Suit.  Coral Pink top and long skirt, both patterned in purple and white with the suits in a deck of cards (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs).  I had a matching purple turtleneck to go under the top.  The outfit had been picked out at Nordstrom’s, and probably cost my mom a pretty penny.  It was super comfy and we both thought it looked great.  Then I got to school.  Some upperclassmen boy made a rude comment to me (I honestly don’t remember what he said), he and his friends laughed like hyenas, I turned thirteen shades of red and felt like a loser for the rest of the day.  I never wore said outfit again – Sorry Mom.

Cindy (a freshman) convinces the other girls on the cheer squad to let her decorate a popular boy’s locker before the big basketball game.  It’ll be a way for him to notice her.  She asks Sam (who like-likes her), “Do you think he’ll be pumped?”

I did the same thing. As a freshman I really liked this senior boy (who didn’t know I existed), and by some twist of fate, I was able to sign up to decorate his locker and be an encourager before all the big games.  I’m sure I had fooled myself into thinking he would finally take notice of me and want to ask me out.  I remember baking cookies, buying balloons and decorating his locker.  I also remember the somewhat confused and disappointed look he had when I finally revealed myself as his encourager.  My hopes were dashed, but I lived through it.

So many other memories, first kiss, friends my parents liked, friends my parents didn’t like, driving around with nothing to do, hanging out at the mall, the first time my friends and I heard Paul Abdul’s ‘Straight Up’ on the radio…

This weird little trip back to High School was brought to you by the letters F & G, and by the number 90.


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