Exploring the Blogosphere


Writers Edition:

“You have to fight the guitar….” “And you have to win.”
copyblogger – Demian Farnworth – How to Become an Exceptional Writer

You are a writer: stop resisting, own your work and invest in your craft.
schmutzie.com – You are a Writer

Writers who achieve literary glory are often professionals who have fallen in love with the writing process rather than their own words.
Storyline – Donald Miller – How Fantasy is Killing Your Imagination and Robbing Your Productivity

A few places to find your muse outside of your working space.
Write to Done – 21 unexpected places to find your writers muse

“There is no greater fear than to face a blank page,” she said. “It mocks and threatens. It challenges you. Give it power, and it will eat you alive. Face it clothed, and you will fail. The only way to beat the blank page is to attack it naked.”
What I learned today – Billy Coffey – Writing Naked

The art of writing can be reduced to a few simple rules.
NY Times – Colson Whitehead – How to Write


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