I am Thankful


I am Thankful for home

When husband and I were dating, he asked me one time about what I wanted my home to be like.  I told him I wanted a place where friends and family would feel comfortable just showing up for dinner.  I told him I wanted a place that was warm and inviting.  I told him I wanted to be that house on the block where all the kids seemed to congregate.

He looked at me funny for a second and said something about design aesthetics or architecture, which gave me a turn to look at him funny.  His question was purely function, my answer was purely heart and our different viewpoints led to a great discussion on the value of home.

I have traveled more this year than I have maybe ever.  I have stayed in homes with my parents, my in-laws, my cousins, my sister, my friends and a couple of different hotels.  Each of these homes had their own style, their own feel and their own heart.

Here are just a few of the joys of home I got to experience this year:

  • Sharing meals with my parents
  • Late night discussions of worries and dreams
  • Sharing coffee and conversation with a best friend and her family
  • Incredible breakfast buffets
  • Waking up with my very best friend on her wedding day
  • Ordering too much Chinese food with my sister
  • The feeling of being known and loved

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