Full Price


I bought two books at full price, well Sam’s Club full price, but still.  I NEVER buy books at full price.  Why would I when the Barnes & Noble sale rack is always full, and there’s an amazing used book store in Nashville full of words, pages and books which I need?  With these two I couldn’t wait.


Inferno by Dan Brown

Mr. Brown was on the Today show about six months ago talking about his new book.  In my pre-coffee haze I missed the part where the book wasn’t out yet, so I had been looking for it on bookshelves since then.  He appeared on the Today show again in early May with a release date for the new book.  Finally!  The book I’d been searching for was finally going to be available.

Dan Brown did not disappoint.

A virus threatened to be released on a global scale.  Robert Langdon being chased after and shot at.  Transhumanism.  The World Health Organization.  Art, literature, history and a handful of words I had to look up to be sure of the meaning.

To me it read like the first Bourne Identity book.  Robert Langdon is unsure of who is chasing after him, why they’re chasing him and isn’t sure who he can trust.  Short chapters and cliff hangers kept me reading till late in the night and all of the next day.



.and the mountains echoed

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

I read Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns because Khaled Hosseini is a brilliant writer.  Both were hard to read, but real and intriguing.  I am drawn in by the descriptions of a culture completely foreign to me.  I will read anything he writes.

And the Mountains Echoed is another piece of Mr. Hosseini’s brilliance.  The story follows the consequences of choices made.  Choices which reach out and touch a number of families and cities around the globe.  Choices which echo into the past and into the future.

Another book for which I ignored my life until I had taken in every word.  It left me in tears at the beauty and heartbreak represented.


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