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Simple Joys



Although, this wasn’t so simple.
I saved my document last night with a wordcount of 50,271.
I’ll write about my NaNoWritMo experience next week, but for now,



Half Way There.



Today is marks the half way point for National Novel Writing Month, and as of last night, my word count is 23,387.  I am right where I need to be and should hit 25,000+ today!

I had no idea what to expect from this challenge.  A lot of the authors on the NaNo forums said to kiss your life goodbye for the month; you’ll be doing nothing but writing and sleeping.  To be honest these comments kinda freaked me out.  To date there have been a few days where I’ve written all day, but thankfully most days I’ve met my word count and moved on to other things (blogging, cleaning, cooking, etc.).

So far there have been some frustrating days and some exciting days.  I’ve had a few characters take me by surprise, and a couple who are exactly what I dreamed they would be.

I’m still not sure what the outcome of the words I’m writing will be, but I’m glad to have taken on the challenge and am excited to see it through to the end.