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Exploring the Blogosphere


Writers Edition:

“You have to fight the guitar….” “And you have to win.”
copyblogger – Demian Farnworth – How to Become an Exceptional Writer

You are a writer: stop resisting, own your work and invest in your craft. – You are a Writer

Writers who achieve literary glory are often professionals who have fallen in love with the writing process rather than their own words.
Storyline – Donald Miller – How Fantasy is Killing Your Imagination and Robbing Your Productivity

A few places to find your muse outside of your working space.
Write to Done – 21 unexpected places to find your writers muse

“There is no greater fear than to face a blank page,” she said. “It mocks and threatens. It challenges you. Give it power, and it will eat you alive. Face it clothed, and you will fail. The only way to beat the blank page is to attack it naked.”
What I learned today – Billy Coffey – Writing Naked

The art of writing can be reduced to a few simple rules.
NY Times – Colson Whitehead – How to Write


Exploring the Blogosphere


For the first time in my life I wanted to lose. I wanted to be a loser.
Sammy Adebiyi – Losers

From the way her eyes widened, I knew that she knew she’d done what her sister called a Big Bad. – Jennifer Weiner – The F Word

I have a whole wall of books written by fine people, and their words are beautiful, but none are like this book.
Thorns and Gold – One Book

What works in fear is to say I am afraid. I don’t mean this to tempt you to play the victim. I mean this to say tell the truth. Always.  Storyline – Donald Miller – In Life, Move Through the Fear Rather Than Around It

Literally THE funniest thing you’ll read today, maybe ever.
HaHas for HooHas – The fart that (almost) altered my destiny

I love the idea behind – The Giving Keys

A little perspective.

Exploring the Blogosphere


A few great finds:

I’m in LOVE with this Tumbler Blog – The Life of a Book Junky

I am NOT a daredevil, so this leaves me with a bit of awe – Daredevils Swim up to Molten Lava

Is Facebook fun for you? – Hollywood Housewife with Don’t tell me how to use Facebook

Are you comparing yourself to others? – (in)courage with Ungodly Comparison

In honor of NY Fashion Week, a little look at Stockholm Street Style

Since Fall is almost upon us, I’m starting to think about comfort foods.  This is a favorite in our house – Creamy, Light Mac N Cheese

Are you addicted to Downton Abbey like I am?  Here’s the teaser for Season 3.

Exploring the Blogoshpere



Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possible be silly or trivial or meaningtless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day.
NY Times Opinionator – Time Kreider – The Busy Trap

What happens when this recent kindergarten graduate judges a book by its cover?
Sunnychanel – Judging a Book by its Cover: A 6yr old guesses what class novels are all about

We all have times in our lives when we just have too much stuff going on.
The Freedom Experiment – 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself

Maybe his words would have slipped by me if they hadn’t been such blatant reversals of Jesus’ own warnings about the offensiveness of his message or the inevitable hardships of following Him.
Christian Bible Studies – What do teenagers need from youth ministry?

You can approach God honestly. You can scream at him and tell him how unfair your life is and how it doesn’t seem like he’s there.
Shawn Smucker – Why Sammy Screamed and What I Told Him

Finding our purpose – it will require deeper discipline and faith, action in spite of fear, new thinking, better questions and a willingness to travel beyond our comfort zone.
Chance Scoggins – A Ship in the harbor is safe, but…

For husband, who has made my morning coffee every day for the last 5ish years.

Exploring the Blogosphere


Maybe the only real way to get rid of fear is to make friends with it.
Sarah Markley – Inviting fear in for a cup of coffee

But when I am mildly obsessed with myself, I have to practice walking like a believer.
Chatting at the Sky – 4 ways to take a walk like a believer

It can upend me through the subtlety of distraction.
Still Forming – Living a Rhythmed Life (Online): Choosing What We Ingest

A Bookworm Belle: Reading: A Photographic Adventure

And on and on and on and on we go. Our thing. Our thing. Our thing. We can’t stop talking about it.
Prodigal Magazine – Sammy Adebiyi – The Listen Project

Moses died today, but I receive this as passing mention, today as I bake a loaf of bread. The death of the shepherd is assigned reading. I breathe it in as ordinary, those thrity days of mourning pass in a moment.
A Deeper Story – Preston Yancey – Moses Died Today

Who doesn’t love an oreo? I’ve made these several times and they’re delish!
My baking addiction – Homemade Oreos

My favorite website for a giggle?  Hey Christian Girl

Exploring the Blogoshpere


I love, love, love finding new blogs.  There are thousands and thousands of people out there with a unique story, with an intriguing point of view, or just a fun thought to share.  And then there’s the cooking, crafting, fashion, writing, on and on and on.  There are blogs for any interest that you may have.  In these postings, I’ll share my finds from “Exploring the Blogosphere”.  Enjoy!!

Sarah Markley – the best   To Do List ever

Kristin Tennant – Sweating as a spiritual practice

study in brown – What the planet needs.

Sammy Adebiyi –  What would you do if you had only one day to live?

Rachel Held Evans – Christian bookstores and their chokehold on the industry

Students of Jesus – Discover a Thousand Treasures

The Novice Chef – Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus – I have made this recipe multiple times, and its WONDERFUL.

You don’t get to say, I’m bored.

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Blog Addiction


There are some amazing and talented bloggers out there, here are a few that I’m addicted to:

Writers I love:

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Have fun checking these out!